Stamping department

Renowned expertise

The stamping activity has upgraded from mechanical eccentric and knee-lever presses to hydraulic presses of various tonnages.

Annealing furnaces and washing stations are also available to facilitate the different operations. The section is therefore fully autonomous, from strip cutting to the last stamping operation.

The company has developed a brazing process providing exceptional quality and robustness. It is used to weld finished clasp components.

Production facilities

  • 7 hydraulic presses ranging from 60 to 200 tonnes
  • Three 250-tonne knee-lever presses
  • 17 mechanical presses ranging from 6 to 100 tonnes
  • 3 continuous strip annealing furnaces
  • 1 rolling mill
  • Braze welding installation

Products and achievements

We stamp essentially components for the watch-making sector such as watch cases, case backs, bezels and clasps, but also components used in other fields.

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M. Jacques Bader
Stamping manager
Tél. +41 32 426 71 76