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Located at Bassecourt in the heart of the Jura, Henri Schaller SA is a company with 65 years of experience in various business sectors, including production of components for the watch-making industry, machine-tools, medical and dental instrumentation, electronics, mechatronics, defense. The company's 50 highly-specialised experts provide unparalleled excellence in product design and production. To meet the increasing demands of its customers, the company is continually innovating with respect to processes and adapting its production resources to keep abreast of changing technologies.

The company now possesses four separate business departments specialising in different, perfectly managed product areas.

The advantage of being a totally independent family-run company is that we are extremely reactive and are able to respond to our customers' requests in an extremely short timescale. It has all the infrastructure necessary to provide a full service, from the design of the customer's parts right through to manufacture.


Henri Schaller SA is a third-generation family-run business. It has always striven to employ the majority of its staff in the Jura region. The company's small structure allows it to implement a participative staff management philosophy and it has always been of prime importance to us to provide attractive and motivating working conditions.

The company's vision is not, therefore, purely based on capitalistic ideals; we consider that we have a corporate responsibility to our employees.

As a supplier to major watch-making brands, Henri Schaller SA is keen to work in close co-operation with its customers to ensure the high quality of service that is expected.


The company has almost 60 years of experience in its fields of expertise. Thanks to the implication of its employees, and as a result of its investment in new technologies, the company has developed a high level of excellence. The extensive range of high-end customers (see references) is testimony to the excellence of its products. These customers have extremely high expectations and for this reason, Henri Schaller is constantly stimulated to innovate.

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