Watch-making quality standards

Bar turning and CNC making department

Watch-making quality standards

This activity comprises two sectors that concentrate on watch-making. The first is the production of turned plastic seals. These components are used to seal the case-back or the bezel. They are machined on high-precision revolver and CNC lathes.

The other type of product is watch casing rings. They are bar turned on CNC lathes then finished on 5-axis CNC machining centres for the milling, drilling and tapping operations. Our workshops are fully air-conditions to guarantee extremely high-precision products.

We also manufacture inner bezels and diamond-ground bezels.

Production facilities

  • 9 precision revolver lathes for bar work with a bar passage diameter of Ø 55mm
  • 6 CNC turning lathes of the same capacity
  • 2 CNC lathes with bar passage diameter of Ø 50mm and Ø 42mm, plus automatic supply machine
  • 7 5-axis machining centres
  • 1 4-axis machining centre
  • CNC finishing lathes, divider milling machines, drilling machines, tapping machines
  • 4 vibration finishing machines
  • 1 centrifugal machine
  • 2 sand-blasting/micro sandblasting machine

Products and achievements

We turn plastic as well as metals such as brass. We also manufacture inner bezels with or without feet with  diamond or satin-finished bevels.

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M. Yves Schaller
Company director, plastic gaskets turning manager
Tél. +41 32 426 71 76

M. Steve Fridez
CNC machining manager
Tél. +41 32 426 71 76