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Company director, plastic gaskets turning manager
M. Yves Schaller | 

CEO, HR, purchasing, sales
M. Yannick Schaller | 

Assistant director, sales
M. Maxime Colin | 

Production manager
M. Stéphane De Santa | 

Administration, orders, billing
Mme Christine Kneuss & Mme Daniela Groccia | 

Innovation and new developments manager / Plastic injection manager
M. Vital Valli | 

R&D manager
M. Malik Schaffner | 

Mechanical department manager
M. Pascal Monnin | 

Mechanic project manager
M. Laurent Bebber | 

CNC machining manager
M. Steve Fridez | 

Stamping manager
M. Jacques Bader | 

Quality Control manager
M. Jérôme Cosyns | 

M. Olivier Piquerez | 


Henri Schaller SA
Rue de la Fenatte 5
Case postale 250
2854 Bassecourt - Suisse

Tél. +41 32 426 71 76


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