Creativity, rigour and precision

R&D and Quality Control department

Creativity, rigour and precision

The technical office uses highly sophisticated manufacturing software. This area designs and develops the different products made in the factory: plastic injection moulds, hammer heads and programs the parts for use with CNC equipment.

Thus all our expertise in the design and manufacture of complex tools is harnessed to fulfil our customers' demands. In direct collaboration with our customers, we propose a solution to not only meet their specifications, but to optimise them. We always strive to innovate by searching for the best manufacturing method, combining precision, reliability, quality and cost.

A Quality Control section equipped with extremely accurate metrology equipment conducts dimensional checks on the different parts throughout the production process, before they are submitted to the customer. This is the department that compiles and issues the product quality reports.

Production facilities

  • 4 design and programming workstations using computer-aided design and manufacturing software for turning, milling and EDM operations
  • Video-camera measurement system
  • Profile projector with computer
  • Standard measurement equipment




M. Malik Schaffner
R&D manager
Tél. +41 32 426 71 76

M. Jérôme Cosyns
Quality Control manager
Tél. +41 32 426 71 76